Recovery Plan
The collapse of Terra took a huge toll on Department 77. Most of our team members lost all our personal funds, half of the team had to leave, and the project itself lost its entire treasury. After a few weeks of reflection on next steps, the remaining team members have had to make lots of tough decisions, but the most important ones are:
  • We have decided to keep building
  • We have decided to follow OnePlanet and make Polygon our primary home
  • We have also decided to go multichain in the short-term
However, in order to do the above we need emergency funds. We floated a few ideas after the collapse, like starting a royalties DAO or finding a new long-term home on another chain and apply for grants. But all of that is time consuming and/or frankly out of our wheel house.
We want to stay true to our original roadmap, remain 100% independent from outside influence, and earn our keep. So we think the best way to raise emergency funds is to just do what we do best: create and launch a special NFT collection of bounty hunters ASAP.
The gameplan is split into two phases.

  1. 1.
    Create 333 new bounty hunters to be launched on Stashh (Secret Network). We'll use Echo - a model similar to Deus and Mono so we can save time and reuse a lot of outfits, hair, etc. Echo will be priced at 80 $SCRT each, and like Deus and Mono there will be a proportion of rare modified in the set.
  2. 2.
    Find a marketplace that will feature us on Secret Network so we can launch big and get help with marketing. (we are launching with Stashh 🎉)
  3. 3.
    Finish up missions before new collection launches so the game itself can act as a marketing tool and incentivise people to mint NFTs. This would bring us into alpha stage.
If we raise enough funds through NFT sales in Phase 1 (need to sell at least 50% of the collection) we have some breathing room until we can migrate to Polygon in the summer. If we don't raise enough funds, the project will seize...but we're confident we can raise the required minimum.
When choosing SCRT for the Echo mint we made the decision based on a few parameters:
  • Potential audience size
  • Partnership opportunities with other projects (preferably Terra refugees or similar projects)
  • Decent marketplace with minting and marketing support
  • End user experience, including wallet integrations, onramps, gas fees, tx times, etc

If we raise enough funds in Phase 1 we will expand the game to put us in a better position in the medium- to long-term. Continued development is vital. We want to:
  1. 1.
    Create more training programmes
  2. 2.
    Refine missions system after it's been launched
  3. 3.
    Start work on Henchmen™ expansion (more info on this expansion later) 👀

Polygon will be our primary home, which means most of our collections will be launched and supported on Polygon. But it won't be our only home. We want users across multiple chains to be able to play Department 77. We have learned our lesson from the Terra collapse and will ensure the survival of the project through diversifying our NFT collections across web3.
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