Union Bounties (advanced)

The normal Missions page only features 1-star missions, but if you want to try higher difficulty missions you need to join the bounty hunter's union Imperium Populi.

Membership in the union costs β‚­ 500 per week, and is renewed every Monday at 3pm UTC. There are multiple benefits to being a union member:

  1. Access to higher difficulty and higher paying bounty missions that pay out a proportional bounty to multiple participants (see below)

  2. Messaging board for aligning on mission deployment

  3. DAO-style proposals on how to spend union funds, or how to change bounty mission behaviours

Proportional Payouts

As opposed to normal 1-star missions, bounty missions pay out twice as much as normal and split the bounty payout across the top five bounty hunters on the mission:

  • 1st place: 50% of bounty

  • 2nd place: 25% of bounty

  • 3rd place: 15% of bounty

  • 4th place: 5% of bounty

  • 5th place: 5% of bounty

If there are fewer than five droids on the bounty mission, the remaining bounty payout goes back into the union treasury. For example: if there are only three droids deployed on a mission, they would share 90% of the bounty payout (50+25+15) and 10% would go to the union treasury.

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