Active Mission Tab

When your droid is on a bounty mission you can follow the progress over on the droid's 'Active Mission' tab. Let's break down each section to understand the data.

Mission Header

In the top right you see your current position on the leaderboard, in this case we're #1. The message is the last sent communication from your droid. In this case the droid is informing you it's close to completing the mission.

Mission Morale

If a dice roll is successful, the droid receives a morale boost (between 1.1-1.7). If the dice roll is unsuccessful the droid receives a morale penalty (between 0.1-0.4). The droid's morale directly impacts the required dice roll score, which means morale can become a feedback loop (morale is boosted through successful dice rolls, increasing the chance of another successful dice roll, etc).

The max morale a droid can have is +10, and the minimum is -10. Once a bounty mission is over, the droid's morale resets back to 0 (default).

Dice Rolls

Every bounty mission has 4 subtasks, each requiring a set number of successful dice rolls. In the above example the droid needed 2 successful dice rolls to clear subtask #1 and move on to subtask #2. In subtask #2 it needed 6 successful dice rolls to move on to subtask #3, and so on.

In the dice roll section you can see all the dice rolls that have happened so far. "Req" means "required dice roll". The dice needs to roll this number or below for it to be a successful dice roll. "Roll" is what the dice actually rolled.

The columns show the latest dice roll at the top, so in the above example the first dice roll on this mission was the bottom entry in the first column - a 44 roll with a required dice roll of 24 or below, meaning that roll failed and the droid received a morale penalty between 0.1-0.4.

Message History

In this section you can see all previous messages the droid has sent regarding this mission, including any field requests.

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