Bounty Missions

The primary gameplay loop in Department 77 is bounty missions, and they require a set number of tasks to be successfully completed through a dice roll system. If your droid has enough successful dice rolls within the mission deadline, it wins the bounty.

Dice rolls happen hourly, and their success depends on your droid's skills and attributes. You can read more about how dice rolls are calculated over on the Dice Rolls breakdown, but for now just think of bounty missions as quests where your droid is automatically performing tasks and reporting back to you with progress.

Missions Page

To get started on bounty missions, head over to the missions page in the D77 app to see all the currently available bounty missions:

Bounty Cards

Let's take a look at one of the bounty cards:

At the top you can see mission location (top left) and mission difficulty (top right). This particular mission is on Mars, and has a 1-star difficulty.

Below the image you can see the bounty payout and what type of mission it is. The icon indicates that this is a rescue mission, so would be best suited to a droid with a Special Ops archetype.

Underneath the bounty info you see two timelines. The top timeline represents overall mission progress, and the bottom timeline is the mission timer. The top timeline is yellow because it's falling behind the mission timer. If the mission timer ends before the mission has been completed, the mission will fail.

Underneath the timelines are the mission stats. This mission has been 25% completed, has three droids deployed, and is currently at risk of impacting the War Balance negatively by -0.1% (you can read more about this over in the War Balance section).


When you click the card you're taken to the mission page:

To deploy a droid to the mission, make sure the droid is not doing anything (like training) and is in the same location as the mission (in this case Mars). Scroll down to below the leaderboard. Here you will see droids available to deploy, if you have any:

Click the 'Deploy' button to bring up the deploy modal. Select what strategy you want the droid to go for and then click 'Deploy'. The yellow star indicates your droid's preferred strategy. You can read more about mission strategy in the Bounty Missions section, but for now we recommend just picking your droid's preferred strategy.

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