Droids have skills and traits, all rated between 0-100. In general, skills help them complete specific missions, and traits usually determine overall behaviour.


  • Strategy (primary skill for bounty missions)

  • Smuggling (secondary skill for scavenging and support contracts)

  • Logic (secondary skill for bounty missions)

  • Hacking (secondary skill for bounty missions)

  • Scavenging (primary skill for scavenging)

  • Damage Modifier (decides impact of damage - lower is better)

  • Broker Modifier (primary skill for broker missions - higher is better)

Skills can only be increased permanently through training, or temporarily using buffs. Skills are randomised between 1-5 on box fresh base models upon minting one (due to manufacturing variations) and between 5-10 on modified models. Some contraband and specialised models can start on a 10-15 base roll.


  • Intelligence (primary skill for bounty missions)

  • Mechanical Reliability (decides recovery speed)

  • Energy Efficiency (no use yet)

  • Piloting (primary skill for ships)

  • Mechanics (primary skill for ships)

  • Navigation (primary skill for ships)

  • Fuel Mastery (primary skill for ships)

Intelligence, Mechanical Reliability and Energy Efficiency all start on 20 for all models except a few contraband variants, the other traits work like the skills randomisation above. Like skills, traits can only be increased through training or buffs.

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