If you need more service parts or just want to expand your inventory, you can send your droid to a landfill to scavenge for parts and items. Scavenging is similar to bounty missions in that it's based on an hourly dice roll, but it is only using your Scavenging skill for the roll.

For example: if your Scavenging skill is 15, the hourly dice roll needs to hit 15 or below for you to be sent some random loot. Go to the 'Missions' tab on your droid's profile to see the different options.

At the top you can see your droid's current inventory levels. Below that you'll see the available landfills in your region. Once deployed to a landfill, your droid will stay there until recalled manually (or kicked out by security).


The goldstrike number is the chance of coming across valuable loot. Higher security landfills have a higher chance of goldstrike loot.

Detection Risk

Hourly chance of being detected. If your droid is detected there's a 30% chance security will confiscate its entire inventory and kick it out of the landfill. If they don't, your droid will only lose some condition but will continue scavenging.


Indication of how much there is left to discover in this landfill. Landfills can become depleted, at which point loot can no longer be discovered. However, your droid will stay in the landfill until told otherwise, and landfills eventually spawn more loot.

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