The War Starts

When Black Ocean withdrew from the interplanetary tribunals, the war almost instantly kicked off. Dozens and dozens of ships from Black Ocean's competitors descended on Chariklo in an attempt to capture the dwarf planet and its resources, but Black Ocean had already positioned their entire fleet around their precious iridium source.

For years the main battle ground was Chariklo, with millions of people dead from brutal hauler battles in the middle of seemingly empty space.

The SSU were still standing by at this stage. The war was exclusively fought between private mining companies for decades before the SSU ultimately joined the war.

SSU Intervenes

In 2311, a large convoy was turned into ash when a rival mining company mistook a dozen civilian ships for Black Ocean mega haulers. This was the diplomatic spark needed for the SSU to finally intervene in the Iridium Wars. They sent a multi-national and multi-planetary fleet of ships to Chariklo, and deployed hundreds of thousands of combat androids to all human colonies in order to put a stop to the large scale conflicts.

This finally led to the war officially ending in terms of battlegrounds and outright ship battles. But the war never really stopped - it just turned into a shadow conflict, raging behind the scenes.

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