Système Solaire Uni

The breakthrough of fusion technology and the subsequent human expansion into the cosmos quickly led to the formation of the SSU - the Système Solaire Uni.

This organisation created the Interplanetary Charter - a document outlining claims and ownership laws regarding asteroids and dwarf planets in the solar system.

The claimant rules were simple: whoever planted a claim beacon on an eligible body (asteroids or certain dwarf planets only) had ownership and legal claim to any resources within 100 kilometers of said body, in perpetuity.

The number of asteroids in the belt is so vast, no one ever raised an eyebrow at the "in perpetuity" part until it became one of the factors triggering the war decades later.

The charter stated that all planets and their respective moons, plus any other planetary body that could potentially be habitable, were off-limits for claims. Habitable meant at the time of discovery or at any other time in the future. If a planetary body became habitable, the claim reverted back to public domain.

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