This page is the only page in the lore section that is NOT told in-character - it explains the premise and the reasons for why lore and universe-building is important to us for creating immersive experiences.

Why Lore?

Lore is optional. But for the players that are interested in immersion and the story behind why you do certain things in the game, getting familiar with the lore should be a rewarding experience. Knowing why certain things happen in the game will undoubtedly enhance the gameplay.
The function of lore is simply to create immersion and establish the rules of a particular universe.

Realism & Consistency

We are huge fans of sci-fi across all mediums - movies, TV shows and literature. But we're also allergic to plot holes and lazy devices so often used in order to explain wild story swings.
Of all the annoying things in sci-fi, nothing takes us out of immersion more than the laws of physics being broken, and yet most sci-fi authors feel the need to enhance (or outright ignore) physics.
We think there is a happy medium in between the fantastical and the realistic, and that is where we want to live. Everything should be rooted in realism, but there is no need to overload the player with unnecessary detail. The laws of physics can not be broken, but we can imagine ways people would be wielding those rules hundreds of years into the future.
We're not gonna do things like warp drives, lightsabers, teleporters or midichlorians. But we will imagine technology rooted in realism in order to tell a compelling story.