Smart Contract Lead

Core Team, 15-20% equity

OBSERVE: this is a pre-seed position initially paid in equity only. Once we have a sustainable runway the core team will be able to draw monthly compensation.


Department 77 is a multichain web3 strategy game where you train droid NFTs, send them on missions, and use the rewards to mint new NFTs. We launched on Terra in March 2022 and then moved to Polygon and Secret Network after the Terra crash. The project has been 100% community-funded so far via multiple sold-out NFT collections.

The game has now grown to a full ecosystem with multiple gameplay loops and a standalone minigame. We're in a very solid position to grow the playerbase in Q1-Q2 2023.

The Role

To take the game to the next level we need a CTO-level engineer that LOVES smart contracts, performance and security. You need to have solid experience writing smart contracts, and ideally be proficient in both javascript languages and Ruby on Rails.

Your responsiblities would include:

  • Ensuring the game is operating as efficiently as possible through refactoring code and improving performance on an ongoing basis

  • Ensuring the codebase is as secure as possible to avoid attacks or exploits

  • Ensuring the web3 connections are working as intended (wallet connections, API calls, etc)

  • Offering technical advice on new or existing features

  • Writing smart contracts to support game mechanics, like updating or minting new NFT game assets, etc

  • Eventually hiring other smart contract engineers, if needed

  • Many other things that we'll discover along the way

The Team

This role is C-level, and you’d be part of a fully immersed and very small team. You are expected to own and champion your domain and you would have full control of your day-to-day - including what tasks or projects you tackle. But as a team we would align and offer push/pull so everyone is heading in the same direction.

You should be used to working in very small teams wearing lots of different hats (or at least understand what that means). We do not believe in hustle culture. We’re async and fully remote, and number of hours spent is infinitely less important than quality of output. But it does take a lot of attention to be fully immersed into something.

The 2023 core team will consist of three people with distinct responsibilities:

  • Game Director (design, game development)

  • Smart Contract Lead (smart contracts, performance and security)

  • Growth Lead (BD, collabs, marketing and community engagement)

As of February 2023 the game is currently in open beta, with dozens of daily active users and a small but passionate Discord community. The main goal in 2023 is to level up the game to grow the playerbase and secure long-term funding.

How To Apply

Please send us a DM on Twitter (@Department_77) and tell us about yourself!

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