Repairs & Buffs

Your droid will eventually sustain damage on missions and events, and when it does you can perform repairs over on the droid's 'Repair' tab.

To repair your droid, use service parts to fill up all required slots. The lower your droid's condition, the more service parts you will need. Although you can repair a droid partially, you always need to fill up all required slots to repair the droid.

Service Parts

These are one-time consumables that are used to repair your droid. They can be bought from vendors, or can be acquired through loot. Service parts have a few key attributes:

  1. Slot (S1 parts can only be placed in S1 slots, etc)

  2. Repair Impact (how much it will repair your droid)

  3. Volume/Weight (for inventory purposes)

  4. RRP (cost of buying brand new)

  5. Sell Value (what you receive for selling the part to a vendor)

  6. Buff Attribute (what attribute is impacted by its buff)

  7. Buff Length (how long the buff stays active)

  8. Buff Impact (how much it will impact the attribute affected)


These are temporary boosts to an attribute. Standard service parts have a 12 hour duration on the buff, and only Slot 1 service parts can have buffs. These are super helpful in the different missions across the game, and a well-placed buff can make a huge difference in your droid's mission performance.

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