2. Connect your wallet


We're a multichain web3 game, which means you can use a few different wallets to connect to the game, and you can also attach multiple wallets to your bureau to see all your Department 77 NFTs in one place - even if those NFTs are located on different blockchains!

We currently support Terra Station, Meta Mask and Keplr. Connect your preferred wallet over on https://department77.com/bureau/settings, but keep in mind that the FIRST wallet you connect becomes your primary wallet connection, which can't be disassociated with your bureau.

We recommend using MetaMask as your primary wallet.

If you're connecting via Keplr you need to also import your NFTs from Secret Network. This is because of the privacy-by-default mechanics of Secret Network. Once you have connected your Keplr wallet, click the 'Import NFTs' button to whitelist our NFT checker address so we can see what NFTs you have in your wallet. If you don't do this step, you won't be able to see your Secret Network assets in the game.

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