Multiverse Pitch
Due to the collapse of Terra, Department 77 is going multi-chain and we're now looking for a new home. This page is aimed at marketplace or ecosystem leaders who might be considering welcoming Department 77 on their chain, network or platform.

We're a small but passionate and experienced team with astronomical levels of ambition. Our vision is to make Department 77 one of the biggest play-and-earn games in web3. We're blockchain fanatics and actively engage in communities across any ecosystem we're involved in. We value collaboration highly, and are always trying to work with (and alongside) other projects.
D77 uses AI-generated artwork from PS Labs for our mission graphics. We use NFTs from other projects as mission loot in the game itself. We've done numerous marketing collabs with other projects, and are always trying to find new ways of utilising NFTs from other collections in interesting and exciting ways.

Our game is up and running already. Players can buy NFTs and immediately start training and equipping them with upgrade parts, and then send them on missions for loot and rewards. Our docs are extensive and our future plans are highly ambitious.
We have NFT collections ready to be minted (artwork and metadata done and ready for implementation). Every collection is unique to each chain and marketplace, so there is no cross-chain or cross-marketplace duplication of any assets to negatively impact value for holders.
We arrive ready to go, and can immediately add a unique gaming project to your ecosystem.

Department 77 is chain-agnostic by design. The only part of our codebase that interacts with a blockchain is a) the wallet connection, and b) the script that updates NFT ownership in our database. Everything else is self-contained, so the tech work needed to integrate on a new chain is negligible.

As mentioned above, we have everything ready to go. Our artwork is done, our metadata is ready, the game is up and running, our community is redy for deployment. However, we're not smart contract devs and we're not growth experts. So there are two things we'd need help with:
  1. 1.
    Minting the collection to be available in a randombox format
  2. 2.
    Low friction marketing support, e.g. launchpad feature, RTs, collab connections, etc
#2 is in addition to our own primary marketing efforts, of course.

You can DM us on Twitter or join our Discord. If you want to message team members individually:
Straylight (co-founder, game director) Twitter: Telegram: @Rhinebeck Discord: ⌬ ⏣ (⌁,⌁)#3670
Supernova (co-founder, comms) Discord: supernova#3458