Upgrades & Components
All bounty hunters have three primary components, and each of those primary components have three upgrade slots available:
  • Fusion Reactor: Temperature Controller, Cycle Stabiliser and Reactor Shielding
  • Hydraulics Hub: Pressure Valve Assembly, Filtration System and Rig Plating
  • Neural Core: CPU Cluster, Software Update and Memory Array
There are nine upgrade slots in total available on each droid. Every slot is unique; you can't equip two CPU Clusters for example. You can only equip one of each part type. These upgrade parts impact a droid's key metrics.

Here's what each upgrade part type does:
  • Temperature Controller modifies operating temperature from -5% to -60%
  • Cycle Stabiliser modifies power output from +5% to +60%
  • Reactor Shielding modifies radiation levels from -5% to -60%
  • Pressure Valve Assembly modifies strength from +5% to +300%
  • Filtration System modifies durability from +5% to +60%
  • Rig Plating modifies durability from +5% to +300%
  • CPU Cluster modifies max CPU clockrate from +5% to +60% (the only upgrade part that changes the range of a tuning slider)
  • Software Update modifies intelligence from +5% to +25% (the only upgrade part that impacts a droid's skills and traits instead of its key metrics)
  • Memory Array modifies block discrepancy from -5% to -60%
Each upgrade part has a modifier range and a performance grade. Let's use a Temperature Controller as an example:
Temperature Controllers can have a modifier between -5% and -60% to operating temperature. So if your droid's operating temperature is 50°, it would be reduced to 20° if you installed a Temperature Controller with a -60% modifier (50*0.4 = 20).
Modifiers are randomly generated based on an upgrade part's performance grade:
Grade D 5-10% range Grade C 10-20% range Grade B 20-30% range Grade B+ 30-50% range Grade A 50-70% range Grade A+ 70-90% range Grade A++ 90-100% range
The ranges determine the final modifier. Using the example above, Temperature Controllers have a potential modifier between -5% and -60%. If it has a performance grade of A++ it means it can have a final modifier between 90-100% of that range, which in this case means between -54.5% and -60%. If you're interested in the math for this:
((54.5 - 5) * 100) / (60 - 5) = 90
So worst case scenario, your A++ Temperature Controller has a -54.5% modifier to operating temperature. Best case scenario it has -60%. You won't know until you mint and check your upgrade part in your D77 inventory.
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