Key Metrics
Droids have six key metrics:
  • Radiation Level (measured in mrem)
  • Operating Temperature (measured in celsius)
  • Power Output (measured in W)
  • Strength (measured in PSI)
  • Durability (measured in # of operating cycles)
  • Neural Stability (measured in block discrepancy)
These metrics result in a performance grade between F and A++. The closer you are to optimal performance based on all key metrics, the higher the performance grade. If your droid has an A++ performance grade it means it's operating at its peak performance.
Upgrade parts will impact one or more of these key metrics - they are all interlinked with each other. For example: increasing the power output by installing a good Cycle Stabiliser would result in radiation level and operating temperature going up. To counter you'd have to install a good Temperature Controller and Reactor Shielding.
Your droid has certain safe limits, so if radiation level, operating temperature or neural stability exceed those limits your droid will become unstable and its performance grade will go down.
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