Bounty Hunters
The primary game mechanic in Department 77 centers around managing bounty hunters at your bureau. These bounty hunters are evolving and upgradeable NFTs that you can buy, sell or trade on the marketplace. These NFTs will also be used to raise funds for game development through exclusive drops.
Bounty hunter NFTs are all androids, with each base model available for purchase exclusively in limited D77 launch events. Each NFT drop contains a majority number of "box fresh" models with basic outfits and hairstyles, and a smaller set of "modified" variants featuring more rare cosmetics and upgrades.
You will also be able to purchase cosmetic upgrades (outfits, hairstyles, skin mods and headgear) and upgrades impacting traits, skills and key metrics.
Examples of equipable cosmetics
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Ever since fusion reactors could be miniaturised down to a reasonable size, Scandinavian robotics company Sten & Krut have been the foremost android manufacturer in the solar system, especially for military and industrial use. Hundreds of millions of people watch their quarterly keynote event where they introduce new base models.

Your bounty hunters will receive XP by completing missions, and that XP will be applied when you bring in the bounty hunter for a debrief.
If the bounty hunter has accumulated enough XP, you have the option of sending them in for an upgrade - triggering a levelling up event where both skills and attributes will improve depending on style, hidden attributes and completed missions. For example: if you only do data retrieval missions it's more likely your hacking skill will improve more than other skills.

As your bounty hunters complete missions, level up, change outfits, etc, they can be rewarded with individual medals and trophies that are attached to that NFT. These medals and trophies carry skills and attribute boosts, permanently making the bounty hunter more skilful and valuable.
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