No longer accurate due to the collapse of Terra, but preserved for transparency. Our updated Recovery Plan roadmap can be found here.

Our roadmap is split into three epochs: Night, Dawn and Day.
The Night Epoch is our pre-launch period in which we're building the alpha and beta versions of the game, releasing various minigames and raising operational capital through NFT drops. This epoch is between Q1-Q3 2022.
The Dawn Epoch starts when KILO is launched - followed by official game launch. This epoch starts somewhere around Q2-Q3 2022.
More will be disclosed about the Day Epoch in Q4 2022.

Our first bounty hunter droid model was Deus MK1 - a combat-specific model part of a launch pad with 333 bounty hunters made available in a random box mode on OnePlanet.
300 out of the 333 bounty hunters in this first NFT drop were "box fresh" base models with standard outfits and hairstyles. But 33 out of the 333 were "modified" variants featuring more rare outfits, skin mods, headgear and unique cosmetics. The modified variants also rolled a slightly higher set of random skills when minted.
Minting a Deus MK1 came with a 10% chance of minting a modified version - and the cost of minting from the random box was 2 Luna.
This collection sold out within five days of launch.

Before the full game launches we will release some standalone minigames for our NFT holders that allows them to potentially raise the value of their NFTs. The first of these minigames involved finding the production duplicate of your NFT and syncing them. The second minigame introduced training to level up your NFT. More minigames will launch over time, you can keep up to date on how they work over in the Minigames section:

On April 11th 2022 we're launching MacGuffins Vol 1 on One Planet. This is our first collection of equipables. MacGuffins are upgrade NFTs of various kinds that can be equipped to your bounty hunter to change its attributes and stats.
Every bounty hunter droid has nine unique upgrade slots. There will be 999 parts made available (111 of each type), of which 90 are contraband versions and 9 are super special high performance versions that will be available through an auction on One Planet.

Please see the NFT Launch Events page for more details about the NFT drops.

The alpha will be a fully working game, but will not connect to an actual wallet - all wallet interactions will be simulated. This is because the alpha is meant for tweaking gameplay balance, gathering feedback and making sure the game is performing correctly.
We are creating a game that is using DeFi mechanics, not the other way around (like most other GameFi platforms do). It's important to us that the game is fun and balanced, so that's where we are focusing our efforts in the alpha.
To gain access to the alpha and help game development through feedback and suggestions, you'll have to join our Discord.

Please see the NFT Launch Events page for more details about the NFT drops.

KILO will be launched in June 2022 through a series of sale events we call the Dawn Festival. More info about how this works will be revealed in Q2.

The beta will be the end result of all gameplay balance and tweaks from user feedback gathered in the alpha stage. The beta will have the real wallet integration, but is still a beta so will be invite-only to test for security and stability. Invites will be limited to NFT holders.

Please see the NFT Launch Events page for more details about the NFT drops.

The big day! More details to follow as we get closer to launch.
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