Contraband is a special type of mission loot that is considered outlawed by Black Ocean. All loot types can have a contraband status, including cosmetics and even bounty hunters. When you come across contraband loot you will be given a choice: turn it in to the company, or keep it for yourself. This choice will result in your bureau stance being changed.

Your bureau has a score between -100 (full outlaw) and +100 (full company shill) on the allegiance meter. Every time you turn in contraband loot your score increases, and every time you keep contraband for yourself the score decreases.
If you build up a big enough reputation as an outlaw, you will gain access to special contraband dealers with illegal black market equipables for sale. But if you build up enough reputation as a company shill you instead get access to an exclusive company perks market and some bounty boosts.
Both ends of the spectrum feature different perks, drawbacks, mission achievements, medals, pros and cons. It's up to you to shape your own adventure!
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