Game Expansions
These are game expansions planned to be introduced shortly after the full game launches. They are included here to give our community a good idea of the scope and future plans of the game.

When you move into your bureau at the start of the game it's in pretty bad shape! Junk everywhere, something smells weird in the kitchen, and you're pretty sure the place is bugged. This expansion will introduce two different base building & management mechanics into Department 77: modules and staff.
Modules are extra rooms you can add to your bureau. Examples include: Secret Stash (to hide contraband), Droid Workshop (to fix and maintain your droids), Art Gallery (to show off your Terra NFTs), Finance Dept (to squeeze more profit out of your KILO), and many more.
Space is limited so choose wisely what modules to add!
Staff belong to specific modules and would boost a module's functionality based on the staff member's stats and skills, e.g. staff in the Droid Workshop would speed up the time it takes to fix or upgrade a bounty hunter, staff in the Secret Stash would decrease the likelihood of getting caught with contraband, and staff assigned to the Art Gallery can help launder illicit KILO.

This expansion will introduce vehicles into the game. Your bounty hunters no longer need to take public transport to kill people - they will now be able to have their own personal spaceships, some big enough to carry smaller ground vehicles inside. This will drastically speed up travel time to, from and during missions.
Like bounty hunters, ships have their own levelling system and they have upgrade slots for performance parts or software updates. You can alter the look of your ships with equipable cosmetics, and you can even name ships whatever you want.
Bounty hunters will gain an extra Piloting trait in this expansion. Since it's a trait it can be upgraded using a software update on your droid.
Ships can trigger space combat, so make sure the ships are well equipped to handle potential conflicts, and also make sure your bounty hunter's piloting trait is high. If a ship engages in combat it can become damaged, and it would need repairs or upgrades. But it would also gain XP so would be better prepared for the next battle.
This expansion also introduces the garage - a new module for your bureau where you can hire mechanics to work on damaged ships and do maintenance to keep the ships in tip-top shape.
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