Skills & Traits
Bounty hunters have four skills and three traits, all rated between 0-100. Skills help them complete specific missions, and traits determine overall behaviour.

  • Strategy (primary skill for assassinations)
  • Smuggling (primary skill for item collections)
  • Logic (primary skill for investigations)
  • Hacking (primary skill for data retrievals)
Skills can only increase by either levelling up (via missions) or achieving a medal that boosts a specific skill. Skills can not be changed through upgrade parts.
Skills are randomised between 1-5 on box fresh base models upon minting one (due to manufacturing variations) and between 5-10 on modified models.

  • Intelligence
  • Mechanical Reliability
  • Energy Efficiency
Standard factory setting for traits is 20 (out of 100). Some events in the game can impact your traits negatively, at which point you would have to install an upgrade part to get back to factory settings (or above).
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