Department 77

Welcome to Department 77, a multichain web3 strategy game where you train droid NFTs, send them on missions, and use the rewards to mint new NFTs.
Set 300 years in the future, the game takes place in a world where powerful mining companies engage in proxy wars over valuable resources in the asteroid belt. The dominating force is Black Ocean; the only company that has seceded from the SSU. Although it’s officially peacetime, the mining cabals are using bureaucracy to disguise their true activities.
You play as a lowly middle manager operating a bureau inside Department 77 - Black Ocean’s internal "security" division. Your job is to employ and train droids, and then send them out to perform assassinations, sabotage and industrial espionage.
But the future is complicated. Allegiance and loyalty is not guaranteed. Technically you’re working for Department 77, but you also have your own interests in mind. You’ll shape your own path, and every decision in the game can impact the world around you.

👩‍🏫 Guiding Principles

There are some fundamental and firmly held principles D77 will always strive to adhere to:
  • Canonical consistency - to ensure reliable immersion, every game mechanic has to be grounded in physics and make sense from a lore perspective
  • Self-sustainability - we believe web3 game development should be self-sustainable using funding streams like grants, NFT sales and standard market mechanics to ensure the game always favours the players over external investors
  • Game first - the game should be play-for-fun, not pay-to-win

🎓 Guides

Follow our guides to get started on the basics.

🚀 Lore

Read up on the backstory and universe-building of Department 77.
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